adult, baby, boy,child, couple, customer, fool, genius, gentleman, giant, girl, guest, guy, hero, host, kid, king,lady, male,man, master, neighbor, partner, people, person, prince, princess, queen, stranger, teenager, visitor, woman, youth


Personal characteristics

beautiful, blind, chubby, cute, deaf, dumb, fat, handsome, heavy, nice-looking, old, over-weight, pretty, short, skinny, slender, slim, tall, thin, under-weight, ugly, young
active, angry, bad, bored, boring, brave, busy, careful, careless, childish, childlike, clever, confident, considerate, cool, crazy, cruel, curious, diligent, dishonest, evil, energetic, excited, exciting, famous, foolish, frank, friendly, funny, gentle, generous, good, greedy, happy, hard-working,honest, humble, humorous, impolite, intelligent, interested, jealous, kind, lazy, lonely, lovely, mad, naughty, nervous, nice, patient, polite, poor, proud, rich, rude, sad, selfish, shy, silly, sincere, smart, sneaky, stingy, stupid, successful, talkative, unhappy, wise


Parts of body

bread,chin, ear, eye, face, hair, lip, mouth, nose, tongue, tooth
ankle, arm, back, body, bone, finger, foot, hand, head, hip, knee, leg, nail, neck, shoulder, skin, throat, thumb, toe, waist, wrist.
heart, stomach



comfortable, dizzy, healthy, ill, painful, pale, sick, strong, tired, weak, well, wound
cancer, cold, flu, headache, stomachache, toothache
cough, fever, pain, sore throat
cure, recover
death, health, life, medicine


Forms of address

Dr., Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., sir, ma'am, name



aunt,brother, cousin, daughter, elder, family, father (dad, daddy), granddaughter, grandfather (grandpa), grandmother (grandma), grandson, husband, mother (mom, mommy), nephew, niece, parent, relative, sister, son, uncle, wife
born, grow, live, marry,married



zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred, thousand, million first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth , ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, thirtieth, last all, a few, a little, a lot, any, both, few, less, little, many, more, much, number, several, some, total



dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night, midnight Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, week, weekday, weekend month, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December season, spring, summer, autumn (fall), winter alarm clock, calendar, clock, watch, stop watch a.m., p.m., half, hour, minute, moment, o’clock, past,quarter, second, time ago, already, current, early, last, late, later, next, now, once, future, soon, today, tonight, tomorrow, week, weekend, year, yesterday, day



bill, cash, cent, change, coin, credit card, dollar, money, price borrow, buy, charge, cost, earn, lend, pay, spend cheap, expensive


Food & drink

fruit, apple, banana, grape, guava, lemon, mango, orange, papaya, peach, pear, pineapple, strawberry , tangerine, tomato, watermelon. vegetable,bean, cabbage, carrot, corn, lettuce, nut, onion, potato, pumpkin,meat beef, bread, bun, burger, cereal, chicken, dumpling, egg, fast food, fish, flour, food, French fries, ham, hamburger, hot dog, instant noodle, noodle, pizza, pork, rice, salad, sandwich, seafood, shrimp, soup, spaghetti, steak, tofu breakfast, brunch, dinner, lunch, meal, snack, supper beer, coffee, Coke, drink, ice, juice, liquid, milk, milk shake, soda, soft drink, tea, water cake, candy, cheese, chocolate, cookie, dessert, doughnut, ice cream, moon cake, pie, popcorn, toast butter, ketchup, cream, jam, oil, pepper, soy-sauce, salt, sugar, vinegar hungry, full, thirsty bitter, delicious, hot, sour, sweet, yummy bake, boil, burn, cook, eat, order menu,diet



bowl, chopsticks, cup, dish, fork, glass, knife, napkin, plate, saucer, spoon, straw


Clothing & accessories

blouse, coat, dress, jacket, jeans, pajamas, pants, raincoat, shirt, shorts, skirt, suit, sweater, swimsuit, trousers, uniform, underwear, vest bagbelt, button, cap, comb, contact lens, earrings, glove, handkerchief, hat, mask, necklace, pocket, purse, ring, scarf, shoe(s), slippers, sneakers,socks , tie, umbrella, wallet clothes, cotton, diamond, gold, silver iron, wear



black, blue, brown, color, golden, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow


Sports, interests & hobbies

sports, badminton, baseball, basketball, dodge ball, football, frisbee, golf, race, soccer, softball, table tennis, tennis, volleyball barbecue, bowling, camp (camping), climb (mountain climbing), cook (cooking), dance (dancing), draw (drawing), exercise, fish (fishing), hike (hiking), jog (jogging), picnic, roller skate (roller-skating), run (running), sail (sailing), sing (singing), skate, ski (skiing), stamp, surf, swim (swimming) , travel, trip
hobby, band, card, cartoon, chess, comic, computer game, doll, drama, drum, film, flute, game, guitar, instrument, jazz, kite, movie, music, novel, paint, piano, pop music, puzzle, song, team, tent, toy, trumpet, violin
others: lose, play, loser, win, winner, fan


Houses & apartments

--- apartment, building, house, home
--- basement, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, fence, garage, garden, hall, kitchen, living room, room, study, yard
--- balcony, ceiling, door, downstairs, floor, gate, roof, stairs, upstairs, wall, window
--- furniture, armchair, bath, bed, bench, bookcase, chair, closet, couch, curtain, desk, drawer, faucet, lamp, light, mirror, shelf, sink, sofa, table, tub
--- blanket, carpet, hanger, pillow, sheet, toothbrush, soap, towel
--- air conditioner, camera, cassette, computer, dresser, dryer, fan, flashlight, freezer, heater, machine, microwave, oven, radio, refrigerator, speaker, stove, tape, tape recorder, telephone (phone), television (TV), video, walkman, washing machine
--- basket, brick, bucket, candle, hammer, housework, key, mat, needle, pan, pot, teapot, umbrella, toilet, wok
--- build, clean, decorate, design, fix, repair, sweep, wash
--- address, road, street



--- college, elementary school, junior high school, kindergarten, senior high school, university
--- campus, classroom, guard, gym, playground, library, class
--- seesaw, slide
--- blackboard, book, chalk, crayon, diary, dictionary, envelope, eraser, glasses, glue, ink, letter, magazine, map, marker, notebook, page, paper, pen, pencil, pencil box (pencil case), picture, postcard, present, ruler, sheet, textbook, workbook
--- course, art, Chinese, English, geography, history, biology, chemistry, physics, language, law, math (mathematics), music, PE (physical education), science, social science
--- cheer leader, class leader, classmate, friend, principal, student, teacher
--- answer, ask, behave, explain, fail, learn, listen, mark, pass, point to, practice, prepare, pronounce, punish, read, repeat, review, say, speak, spell, study, talk, teach, underline, understand, write
--- alphabet, conversation, draw, exam, example, exercise, final, grade, homework, knowledge, lesson, poem, problem, question, quiz, record, score, story, test, vocabulary, semester


Places & locations

--- here, there, position
--- back, backward, central, forward, front, left, middle, right, east, west, south, north, top
--- bakery, bank, beach, bookstore, buffet, cafeteria, church, convenience store, culture center, department store, drugstore, factory, fast food restaurant, fire station, flower shop, hospital, hotel, mall, market, men's room, women's room, movie theater, museum, office, park, pool, post office, police station, restroom, restaurant, shop, stationery store, store, supermarket, temple, theater, waterfalls, zoo
--- city, country, downtown, farm, place, town, village
--- local, international



--- airplane (plane), ambulance, bicycle (bike), boat, bus, car, helicopter, jeep, motorcycle, scooter, ship, tank, taxi, train, truck
--- airlines, airport, bus stop, parking lot, station, train station
--- block, bridge, flat tire, highway, MRT, overpass, passenger, path, platform, railroad, railway, sidewalk, subway, traffic, underpass, wheel
--- arrive, cross, drive, fly, land, ride, sail, turn
--- fast, quick, slow


Sizes & measurements

--- centimeter, foot, gram, inch, kilogram, kilometer, liter, meter, mile, pound, yard
--- circle, dot, line, point, rectangle, row, shape, square, triangle
--- big, deep, distant, extra, far, high, large, little, long, low, maximum, medium, minus, narrow, plus, short, small, straight, tiny, wide, round, short, light
--- bottle, cup, dozen, glass, loaf, pack, package, pair, piece
--- size, height, distance, weight


Countries and areas

--- country, nation, world.
--- America, China, Taiwan, ROC, USA



--- Chinese, English,


Holidays & festivals

--- Chinese New Year, New Year's Eve, Double Tenth Day, Dragon-boat Festival, Lantern Festival, Moon Festival, Teacher's Day
--- Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day
--- culture, custom, festival, holiday, vacation
--- celebrate



--- actor, actress, artist, assistant, baby sitter, barber, boss, businessman, clerk, cook, cowboy, dentist, diplomat, doctor, driver, engineer, farmer, fisherman, guide, hair dresser, housewife, hunter, journalist, judge, lawyer, magician, mailman (mail carrier), manager, mechanic, model, musician, nurse, owner, painter, police officer, president, priest, reporter, sailor, salesman, scientist, secretary, servant, shopkeeper, singer, soldier, waiter, waitress, worker, writer, vendor.
--- business, company, employ, hire, job, work


Weather & nature

--- weather, clear, cloudy, cold, cool, dry, foggy, freezing, hot, humid, natural, rainy, snowy, stormy, sunny, warm, wet, windy
--- fog, lightning, rainbow, shower, snow, snowman, storm, thunder, typhoon, wind
--- blow, rain, shine
--- nature, air, climate, cloud, degree, earth, moon, sky, sun, star, temperature


Geographical terms

--- area, bank, beach, coast, desert, environment, forest, hill, island, lake, mountain, ocean, plain, pond, pool, river, sea, spring, stream, valley, woods


Animals & insects

--- animal, bear, cat, chicken, cow, deer, dinosaur, dog, donkey, duck, eagle, elephant, fox, frog, goat, goose, hen, hippo, horse, kangaroo, kitten, koala, lamb, lion, monkey, monster, mouse, ox, panda, parrot, pet, pig, pigeon, puppy, rabbit, rat, sheep, swan, tiger, turkey, wolf, zebra
--- insect, ant, bat, bee, bird, bug, butterfly, cockroach, dragon, mosquito, snail, snake, spider
--- crab, dolphin, fish, shark, shrimp, turtle, whale
--- bark, bite, swallow
--- tail, wing


Articles & determiners

--- a, every, the, this, that, these, those, my, our, your, his, her, its, their


Pronouns & reflexives

--- I (me, my, mine, myself), you (you, your, yours, yourself, yourselves), he (him, his, himself), she (her, hers, herself), it (it, its, itself), we (us, our, ours, ourselves), they (them, their, theirs, themselves)
--- all, another, any, anyone (anybody), anything, both, each, everyone (everybody), everything, many, most, nobody, none, nothing, other, part, some, someone (somebody), something



--- how, what, which, who, whose, when, where, whether, while, why


Be & auxiliaries

--- be (am, are, is, was, were, been),
--- do (does, did, done), have (has, had), can (could), will (would), may (might)
--- must, shall, should



--- about, above, across, after, against, along, among, around, at, before, behind, below, beside, between, beyond, by, down, during, except, for, from, in, in back of, in front of, inside, into, like, near, of, off, on, out, out of, outside, over, next to, since, than, through, till, to, toward, under, until, up, upon, upper, with, without



--- and, as, because, besides, but, however, if, or, since, that, therefore, though (although)



--- hello, hey, hi, good-bye (goodbye, bye)


Other nouns

--- accident, action, activity, advertisement, advice, age, aim, alarm, album, American, angel, anger, army, attention, balloon, band, base, beauty, beginner, beginning, bell, birthday, blank, blood, bomb, bottom, branch, bundle, cable, cage, can (could), captain, case, castle, cause, cell phone, center, century, chance, channel, character, chart, childhood, choice, club, coach, command, congratulation, contract, corner, courage, court, crime, crowd, curve, damage, danger, debate, decision, department, desire, difference, difficulty, direction, discussion, dream, duty, edge, education, effort, e-mail, emotion, enemy, energy, engine, entrance, error, event, excuse, exit, experience, fact, fault, fear, fee, feeling, fire, flag, flight, foreigner, flower, freedom, friendship, fun, garbage, gas, gesture, ghost, gift, goal, God, goodness, government, grass, ground, group, gun, habit, haircut, heat, honesty, honey, human, humor, hunger, idea, importance, income, influence, information, Internet, interview, invitation, joke, joy, kind, kingdom, lack, leader, leaf, level, lid, link, locker, mail, manner, mass, matter, meaning, meeting, member, message, metal, method, mind, mistake, motion, movement, mud, nest, news, newspaper, noise, note, object, operation, opinion, order, party, pattern, peace, period, photo, pile, pin, pipe, planet, player, pleasure, poison, pollution, population, powder, power, pressure, prize, production, program, progress, project, purpose, reason, report, result, robot, rock, role, root, rope, rose, rule, safety, sale, sample, sand, scene, scenery, screen, secret, seat, section, seed, sense, sentence, service, set, shore, side, sight, silence, skill, smile, society, soul, space, speech, speed, spirit, state, steam, step, stone, story, style, subject, success, swing, symbol, system, talent, tear, term, thief, thing, thought, ticket, title, tool, topic, tower, trade, tradition, trash, treasure, treat, tree, trick, trouble, truth, tunnel, universe, value, victory, voice, war, way, wedding , wood, word.


Other verbs

--- feel, hear, listen, look, see, smell, sound, taste, watch
--- check, complete, end, finish, succeed, survive
--- affect, believe, blame, bother, confuse, consider, develop, divide, doubt, ease, embarrass, forgive, forget, frighten, gather, guess, hate, hope, imagine, inspire, know, like, love, mind, need, notice, realize, regret, remember, remind, surprise, think, want, wish, worry.
--- act, bathe, beat, blow, bow, break, bring, brush, carry, catch, chase, cheat, choose, clap, close, come, control, collect, comment, correct, copy, count, cover, cry, cut, dial, dig, deliver, drop, elect, enter, exist, feed, fight, follow, fry, go, greet, grow, guide, hand, hang, help, hit, hold, hop, hunt, hurry, jump, kick, knock, kill, kiss, laugh, lay, leave, lick, lift, list, lock, make, meet, miss, mix, move, nod, offer, open, pack, park, paste, pause, pick, plant, print, pull, pump, produce, protect, push, put, recycle, revise, rise, roll, rub, run, rush, rob, rest, shake, shoot, shout, shut, smoke, sign, stand, steal, strike, take, tell, throw, touch, trace, trap, type, use, vote, walk, wave
--- accept, add, admire, advise, agree, allow, apologize, appear, appreciate, argue, arrange, assume, attack, avoid, become, begin, belong, broadcast, burst, call, calm, cancel, care, certain, check, compare, complain, concern, continue, create, date, deal, decide, decrease, depend, describe, detect, die, direct, disappear, discover, discuss, emphasize, enjoy, envy, excite, expect, express, fall, fill, find, fit, focus, form, gain, get, give, handle, happen, hide, hurt, improve, include, ignore, increase, indicate, insist, interrupt, introduce, invent, invite, join, judge, keep, lead, let, lie, limit, list, match, mean, notice, obey, omit, own, pardon, plan, please, pollute, praise, pray, prepare, promise, provide, quit, raise, reach, receive, refuse, reject, rent, respect, return, ruin, solve, satisfy, save, search, seem, select, sell, send, serve, share, show, sit, sleep, start, stay, stop, suggest, support, thank, treat, trust, try, visit, wait, wake, waste, welcome.


Other adjectives

--- able, absent, afraid, alike, alive, alone, American, ancient, asleep, available, basic, bright, broad, classical, colorful, common, complete, convenient, correct, crowded, dangerous, dark, dead, dear, different, difficult, dirty, double, easy, electric, else, enough, equal, excellent, false, fancy, fantastic, fair, fashionable, favorite, fine, foreign, formal, former, free, fresh, general, glad, great, hard, helpful, homesick, horrible, important, impossible, independent, instant, interesting, latest, latter, likely, loud, lucky, magic, main, major, marvelous, minor, modern, national, necessary, new, negative, noisy, only, ordinary, other, overseas, own, peaceful, perfect, personal, pleasant, popular, positive, possible, precious, present, primary, private, public, quiet, rare, ready, real, regular, responsible, right, safe, same, scared, secondary, serious, sharp, silent, similar, simple, single, skillful, sleepy, sorry, special, strange, such, sudden, super, sure, surprised, terrible, terrific, thick, tidy, traditional, true, unique, useful, usual, valuable, social, whole, wild, wonderful, wrong.


Other adverbs

--- always, ever, never, often, seldom, sometimes, usually
--- actually, again, also, away, too, almost, altogether, especially, even, finally, hardly, least, maybe, nearly, perhaps, probably, rather, really, so, still, then, together, very, quite, yet
--- aloud
--- abroad, ahead, everywhere, anywhere, somewhere
--- either, neither, no, nor, not, yes (yeah)



  1. 字彙表字數之計算不包含括弧內之字詞。

  2. Be動詞和助動詞do, have, can, will, may只列原型,其相關衍生詞均列在其後括弧內,如be (am, are, is, was, were, been)。

  3. 代名詞:I, you, he, she, it, we, they只列主格,其受格、所有格、所有格代名詞和反身代名詞均列在其後括弧內,如I (me, my, mine, myself)。

  4. 括弧之使用,除以上(2)、(3)項之情形外,其餘括弧內之字詞為其前字詞之同義字,如yes (yeah), anyone (anybody).

  5. 一般動詞均以原形出現,動詞變化不個別列出。

  6. 形容詞均以原形出現,比較級及最高級不個別列出。

  7. 名詞除了少數常以複數形式出現者(如pants)之外,均以單數形式出現。

  8. 本字彙表以主題及詞性分類表列出時,有些跨類的字彙會同時出現於不同類組(如chicken分別列於動物及食物類)。

  9. 片語(phrase),如get up,as soon as等不在此字彙表列出。

  10. 國名、地名、及語文名稱等專有名詞為數眾多,除了America, China, ROC, Taiwan, USA, Chinese, American, English外,其餘不個別列出。

  11. 以複合名詞出現的節慶名稱(如Chinese New Year),只在主題及詞性分類表列出。字母排序字彙表中則僅列複合名詞之個別單字。